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Patriot 3000


The Patriot 3000 series window is a high-quality vinyl replacement window at an economical price. It is the go-to option for homeowners looking for a window with all of the standard features and the lowest price possible. It features tilt sashes for easy cleaning, safety stops, 2 reinforced steel locks, densely insulated foam filled frames and sashes, a sliding half screen and energy efficient glass with argon gas fill and low e coatings. The exterior extrusion (or frame) is a sleek beveled design at 45-degree angles. Our project consultants always carry a sample of the 3000 series, please call or text today to schedule your consultation.

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Windows Installation Patriot 7400
Patriot 7400


This is a nearly air-tight window, tested for high performance in 140MPH wind tunnels. Look no further if you want high quality and affordability. It is not the least expensive window out there, but it is nowhere near the most expensive. Our 7400 line carries all of the same standard features of the Patriot 3000 series and more:

  • 3 thick bulb seals which create an air-tight seal when compressed. These are located at the most vulnerable points for air infiltration, at the bottom, in the middle and at the top. 
  • Interior bottom extrusion lip – when the bottom sash is pushed down into the frame, the entire bottom section of the sash is covered and sealed to further prevent any possible air infiltration. 
  • Continuous over-under interlocking sashes means that when you lock your windows, the middle section is locked air-tight and the bottom and top sashes line up perfectly, every single time. 
  • True sloped angled sill. Our sills are welded into the frames of the window (and also insulated) at a downward angle and feature drain holes, a far superior system than weep holes which get easily clogged. When it rains, the sill pushes the water to the edge and out through the drain holes – it’s that simple!
  • Energy efficient glass with argon gas fill (invisible attic insulation) and low-e coatings to reflect solar heat away from your windows keeping your house cool in the summer at a minimal cost.
  • Densely insulated foam filled frames with polyurethane particle foam. This foam is packed and compressed into the frames 3 times for superior noise reduction and eliminating energy loss from conduction (one of the top 3 sources of energy loss through inefficient windows)
  • Reinforced steel locks. The cam lock keeper that rotates around the female end, the male and female locking systems are made of 100% reinforced steel. We do not use any plastic in our locking systems.
  • 1″ long steel screws that are 145% thicker and stronger than the standard screws used to secure window locking systems. These locks will never break, wiggle, get stripped or fall apart.
  • Sliding half screens which can easily be removed.
  • Virgin vinyl (not recycled!) that is 35% thicker than a typical vinyl window, while maintaining a sleek, modern and low profile frame.
  • And much more! 

Call or text now to schedule one of our expert project consultants, who will explain the features and benefits, assess your project and give you a spot-on accurate quote.

tilt & turn


Tilt & turn windows are a unique, dual operating system that allows users to easily ventilate a window from the top, or open the same window like a door, all done with the same, multi-function handle. These windows are the standard in Europe and bring modernized functionality to your home or business. 

These windows are German engineered and can be created in nearly limitless sizes. Over 50 colors, available in PVC composite, wood, aluminum and steel. Schedule a free quote with one of our professional project consultants.

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