Patriots’ Pride evolved from an installation consulting firm to a veteran-owned, full scale supplier and installer of residential and commercial window and door solutions. Our reach is international and our personal experience is derived from over 15,000 project success stories and 4 generations of installation acuity. We bring a refreshing, unscripted perspective to the entire process.

A very expensive window is very worthless if it’s not delicately and meticulously installed. We are one of the very few who tackle every installation with pride and precision. And we do it with a chip on our shoulder because nobody beats our installation quality. We didn’t literally write the book on window installation – but perhaps someday.

Take a look at our list of accreditations and certifications below, and don’t forget to check out our installation page on our website. Hundreds of wise companies have entrusted us to train their teams how we measure, order and install.

Your consultation will be time spent efficiently with an expert project consultant, whose approach is by design not salesy. Our project consultants are consultants not sales people. They are aptly trained experts in developing your project plan. They utilize our internally designed ABDE approach – Assess, Build, Design, Execute. What does that mean for you? We will intimately understand the particulars of your project, from your dedicated project manager, to the design team, up to management and over to the installation teams for flawless execution and communication.

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Where it all began...

Your confidence in us will leave you excited about our new charge to complete your project. There are advantages to making a commitment with us up front, and we will share exactly what those are – however we do not expect it, and we will not push or pressure in any way. Nobody gets left behind, we communicate thoroughly, you sign communication documents to hold ourselves accountable and more. Nobody gets left behind.

Let us show you what you’re missing, call to schedule your consultation today.



Replacement Windows and
Door Solutions

We harness technology and innovation to deliver high quality, convenient home improvement renovations that advance the modern world.


Are you a builder or construction company, and need window or door installation help? Or do you need training for your window and door installers? Let us help you get the job installed perfectly or get your own crews up and running. Our installers are licensed, bonded, insured and as good as they come. Call us today and we’ll be ready within 48 hours.

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