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Patriots’ Pride Windows started as a consulting firm, training companies up and down the east coast how to install windows perfectly. As a veteran owned company with 4 generations of window installation experience, we are excited to provide not just the solution we sell, but the solution that is in line with your needs and dreams.

Our experience is drawn from not just what works well, but what doesn’t work. We’ve worked with inadequate companies, which showed us where most companies fail their customers by chasing the dollar at the expense of leaving the homeowner behind after they pay. We provide signed timeline agreements between both parties. These are executable timelines for communication and delivery, so we are accountable and accurate. In the military, the mission is executed because everyone does their job well and on time. You will know exactly who is completing their assignment for you and when, every step of the way.

Our capabilities and unique consultative approach erases the lines of the sales box, where our customers and our team work in tandem to define the solution. We don’t believe in high pressure sales, it’s not necessary – because you’re going to be comfortable and excited about putting your security and comfort in our hands.

15,000 happy customers up and down the east coast and growing, your comfort and safety is guaranteed by the Patriot’s Promise. Don’t get left behind working with a company that only cares about getting your money. Call for a free no pressure consultation today.

Patriots’ Pride – No Homeowner Left Behind

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About Us


Occupational Safety and Health
Administration (OSHA)
Construction 10-Hour

(OSHA) Construction 30+Hour

American Architectural
Manufacturers Association (AAMA)
Certified, Gold Label Products

Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) Certified
Installation Masters Certified FGIA and AAMA
Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Lead Renovator Certified
EPA Lead Certified Trainer
203K Loan Certified Renovator
Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Federal Certified Installer


Replacement Windows and
Door Solutions

We harness technology and innovation to deliver high quality, convenient home improvement renovations that advance the modern world.